Love to Learn Preschool - Where Learning is Fun!
My belief is that you the parent are your child’s first teacher and are partners with your child’s school teachers in their learning experience and education through-out their lives. 
You are their best guide.  
I want every child who leaves my program to feel
self-assured, capable and proud of their abilities.  I want all children to believe in themselves as the ‘change’ for a kinder and more peaceful future.
I want every child to reach their potential emotionally, socially, academically and creatively during our preschool year...and have fun achieving it. 
I measure my success not by what your child recalls and recites, but by the sparkle in their eyes, the smile on their face, the curiosity of their mind, the creativity of their hands, the strength of their spirit and the inherent love of learning that takes place in my classroom. 
As a teacher, I am constantly learning from your child…they remain with me in my thoughts, in my words and they touch my heart, always.  How nice it is to be important in the life of a child… Thank You for letting me be a part of your child’s learning…Mrs. Purdon
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